Residential Appraisals

Full Appraisals
Includes on-site exterior and interior inspection for single and
multi-family residential dwellings. Available formats include:
Forms 1004, 1073, or 1025—URAR Single-Family Report
Forms 2065, 2070, or 2075—Desktop Underwriter Summary (including interior inspection)
Form 1073—Condominium Report
Form 1025—2-4-Family Small Residential Income Report (including Form 216, Operating Income Statement)
Drive-by Appraisals
Includes exterior inspection and an estimate of current market value. Available formats include:
Form 704—FHLMC One-page Drive-by Report
Form 2055—Desktop Underwriter Summary
Review Appraisals
The FNMA 2000 is available in three forms:

Desk Review—A licensed Appraiser examines and evaluates appraisal content and methodology.

In-Field Desk Review—A licensed Appraiser located in the same region as the property examines and evaluates appraisal content and methodology. The appraiser’s local knowledge assures an expert analysis of market value.

On-Site Field Review
—In addition to performing a Desk Review, a licensed Appraiser inspects the exterior, as well as comparable properties in the community. The appraiser may also support the review with comments. The report includes a photo and a list of comparable sales.

Order Appraisal

Order Appraisal

Please note: At this time we can only write appraisals for properties in NY and MA